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Investment Visas in Brazil. The Basics.

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There seems to be no end in sight for investment opportunities in Brazil.  Here in Miami, where my practice is based, I’ve seen an incredible amount of interest from investors wanting to get their hands on Brazilian Visas.

There’s a great post over at the Brazilian Law Blog that does a great job of going over the types of visas available for those looking to invest there.

In Brazil, there are 3 visas that relate to business:

1) For investments above 600,000.00 Brazilian Reais, the company has the right to appoint one foreigner as a director. This foreigner will receive a visa automatically. Each 600,000.00 allow for one director.
2) For investments above 150,000.00 Brazilian Reais, one investor may obtain a Visa, as long as he can prove that the company will bring a relevant social impact to the area where it is located, or that the company will generate jobs for Brazilians. Again, each investor must bring at least 150,000.00 (lower investments may grant a visa if the social impact is proven to be outstanding).
3) Finally, a foreigner may obtain a work visa if a Brazilian company hires him for a permanent job. Possessing a bachelor or graduate diploma makes the granting of the visa more probable. The Brazilian company must have 2 Brazilian employees in similar functions to every foreigner it hires for that function
While doing business in Brazil can be a real headache, the opportunity to do business there is well worth the effort.
Getting a Brazilian investment visa may be the best return on investment you will ever make.